Commercial & Editorial Photography

Commercial & Editorial Portraits

Washington, DC Commercial and Editorial Photographer Jeff Mauritzen has been serving the DC metro area for over 14 years.

Some of the benefits that he offers his clients include:

  • Experience working with some of the biggest names in publishing. Jeff is a National Geographic Photographer, who’s been on assignment teaching or shooting in all 7 continents. 
  • Experience shooting under most any circumstance (from studio, to underwater to aerial).
  • Expert planning to insure each photo shoot is a success.
  • Optional, in-house makeup artist to make our subjects look great, even before we start shooting.
  • Optional preproduction scouting day to work through shoot scenarios, test lighting and discuss the project in person.
  • A convenient, on-location photography studio, which saves time and hassle. 

Samples from an advertising campaign produced for the Virginia Tourism Corporation, including the cover for the state’s visitor guide.

“I first stumbled upon Jeff’s work through Instagram and was blown away. His talent for visual storytelling and world-wide adventures are marvelous. The work he produced for us is of that same caliber, the aerials particularly stunning. His attention to detail and collaboration on the day of the shoot were refreshing and his enthusiasm was contagious. The entire experience of working with Jeff was a pleasure and I look forward to doing it again.” 

-Sarah Hauser, Virginia Tourism Corporation

When you hire a photographer, you’re actually looking for two things. One is the craft and skill and artistry they bring to the project with the shots themselves, the other is how they treat the shoot and you. It is rare when you find a professional who delivers on both – I found one in Jeff Mauritzen. I hired Jeff to do a shoot that would populate a travel feature of sorts for a magazine. The subject was the C & O Canal and its lock houses. Jeff nailed it. The images were breathtaking and so was his effort. I was getting calls and messages at the crack of dawn and throughout the day as he kept coming up with new pics and ideas not on the shot list – each of them brought something else to the table, fantastic. In short, Jeff did a great job with the work and with me (the client) – he’ll do the same for you.” 

— Jeff Caporizzo, Bates Creative

Industrial Photography

Jeff offers a variety of Industrial photography services to help your organization achieve it’s visual branding goals, including;

  • Manufacturing & Product Photography that translates the power and promise of your industry into expressive and iconic images.
  • Energy Photography highlighting alternatives such as solar, wind, nuclear.
  • Construction Photography that shows the progress of your building from start to finish. 
  • Transportation Photography that highlights your expertise in the shipping, trucking and automotive industries.

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